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My journey to Pilates

How I did not like doing sports and still became a passionated Pilates teacher!

My name is Sabine and I was born and raised in a small village in Switzerland.

I grew up in the countryside, we always needed to walk or ride our bicycle to see our friends, because there was no regular public transportation into the last corner of each valley and my parents had three other kids besides me, and luckily, they did not chauffeur us around.

It was easy for me to stay active, without doing active sport. I always was fit, never got hurt, and had no serious health problems.

After graduating high school, I went to univerity to become a 3D-designer for mechanical components and parts, a desk job. I was sitting about 90% of the time during work. It is a very creative job, for your brain, not for your body.

I started to look around for any activity, to move and stretch my body, as well. I began to run, swim, take Pilates mat classes and some Yoga. I was never really regular in these activities though.

My husband and I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2015. While I was waiting for my work permit, I had plenty of time to enjoy my big passion: sewing. Of course, in seated position. For some balance, I was running a lot, among the skyscrapers of the beautiful city to the lake and back to our apartment. What a joy!

The great benefit was, I got to know this new homeland in no time!

I kept running 3 to 4 times a week till my back starts to hurt and I needed to see a doctor, which sent me to physical therapy and this person sent me to cortisone injection in my lower back. I had a sever herniated disk in my lower back.

After month of therapy, it became worse, I was not able to stand anymore, I was not able to walk anymore and had no feeling in my complete right leg! I needed surgery.

For rehabilitation, I had to see a physical therapist, 3 times a week. She was awesome! And: she had a Pilates reformer! That was the first time I get in contact with Pilates equipment! I did not know, Joseph Pilates invented machines to execute his method on it!

I fell in love in the Pilates method immediately

I fell in love immediately and I started to take Pilates classes in a full equipped Pilates studio to support my rehabilitation and get stronger and gained my mobility back.

I wanted to learn more about Pilates, more about my body, more about anatomy! In Summer 2016, only 6 months after my back surgery, I started my 600 hours comprehensive teacher training program by Erin Johnson from Pilates Artistry, Inc. in Chicago.

It was a huge challenge for me! Studying anatomy in a foreign language, learning a method which is very unique. It was a tough and very hectic time! At the same time, I started my first full time job in my new homeland. I slept, worked, studied, slept. That was my pattern from Monday to Friday. On the weekends, I had school for my Pilates training. That was a challenge I mastered very well and I am very proud of myself that I passed my Pilates teacher-training program in September 2017 and started to work as a full time Pilates teacher in December 2017! A big dream came true!

Since I started to teach and now, August 2019, I have taught over 1350 Pilates sessions. I teach private sessions and group classes. I teach on the mat, reformer, chair, tower, cadillac, barrels and with different props

I am teaching all kinds of people. My youngest client is 14, my eldestis 82 years old. I am teaching dancers, athletes, and people with histories of previous injuries or other conditions.

Everyone comes with their own individual goals that we work together toward.

I look forward to each session, each client, and to help them reach their own individual goals.

End note:

I don’t claim that sitting or running caused my herniated disk. Usually there are many factors that play a role. But nowadays I am thankful that I don’t have to sit for work anymore!

Stay active and balanced!

Sabine 💙

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